DIY Moving Tips

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DIY Moving Tips

1. Excercise
Sign up for a gym membership three months before you move. Then visit a minimum of 4 days a week. Not the treadmill the weights for some heavy lifting.

2. Get Help
You can’t very well move everything by yourself, so time to make lots of friends. Count on maybe 1 out of 10 not having a sick grandma or work emergency and will actually show up.
Pizza and beer is also expected from friends.

3. Downsize
Now it’s time to get rid of all the unwanted stuff. You don’t need your old bathtub or toilet; you already have one in your new home.

4. Pack
Gather boxes and start packing. Remember not to pack the cat and the canary in the same box; they are not the best of pal’s. Use lots of duct tape if you do so they don’t get out though.

5. Transportation
Now some rope is a must to keep that California King Mattress secure on-top your Prius, but hows your knot’s?

6. Safety
Remember safety first. Know the quickest routes to the hospital, and that you insurance is current.

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